The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

In december 2016 verscheen onder redactie van  de hoogleraren Ton Liefaard en Julia Sloth- Nielsen het 46 hoofdstukken tellende boek gebaseerd op de internationale conferentie in 2014 over 25 jaar kinderrechten. Mijn bijdrage Listening to children and parents. Seven dimensions to untangle high conflict divorce staat in hoofdstuk 42.  Een citaat daaruit:

“High degrees of conflict during and after divorce have created serious problems in youth care and child protection. The youth care agency must make difficult and sometimes controversial decisions about child contact and visitation. Such decisions are not always well-grounded in what is best for the custody and care of the children. Agenciens in several countires report problems in which polarisation and conflict result in increased confroantation involving lawyers and court procedings. Sometimes this polarisation is the prelude to ongoing violence, with significant injuries and multiple calls tot the police ans child protection services. Worst of all, conflict can escalate tot fatal outcome when a parent murders the partner and/or the children”  (860)

Het lijvige boek waarvan hier een inhoudsopgave, is uitgegeven bij  Brill in Leiden.